Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back on Chemo

Carmen wants everyone to know that she is not bedridden or anything like that. Here we see her in good spirits as she prepares for a blood transfusion on February 3.

This week she started chemo, so that's what she's keeping in the purse there. She also has daily radiation, but neither one is causing her discomfort at this time.

Even though Carmen has lost weight, she does has an appetite. So you are encouraged to push doughnuts and cheeseburgers at her ;-)


Cecile said...

Carmen, see you Sunday 1-6 pm. Bringing some clothes along for you to try on. If you want to go shopping, I will take you wherever you'd like to go...Cecile

Lilia Balbuena said...

Tita!!!! Dumbo!! Eres y seras bella siempre!!Te amamos y estamos esperanzados en que dentro de tu enfermedad tengas paz y recibas todo el amor de los que te rodean,Te amamos y pensamos todos los dias en ti!!Dios te bendiga y te de las fuerzas para seguir luchando, Edwin ,Lily Tus sobrinos y familia.

susanne tringali said...

Hi Carmen, thinking about you EVERY day and wishing I were there to see you. The purse with chemo application is a cool way to go, girlfriend. Here I thought you were just hiding your cell phone. By the way, I am coming home in March, so you have to let me come over, ok, girlfriend?!!! Love you!!!!! xoxo
Susanne :)

Lilia Balbuena said...

Me encantaria pasar unos dias contigo,abrazarte y cuidarte!!! LLamame a casa 787-957-6700 ,dime algo o escribe en el blog,no hay noticias desde el 4 de feb!!necesitamos saber de ti.Yo voy para alla en Sept,mas te vale k estes mejor!! te llevaremos a Sophia para k juegue con tus nietecitas!!un beso!!Te ama,Lily