Sunday, March 1, 2009

Please Send us your Carmen Stories

Carmen is not planning to have a traditional wake or funeral service.

Many of us have had a chance to give her our best wishes and say goodbye at the Celebration of Life party, but what we didn't get to do was share our Carmen stories as a group.

So I got an idea today--why not ask everyone to send in their favorite Carmen story and publish them all here? I know these stories would mean a lot to her.

The stories don't have to be long: The day you met. Something she taught you. A place you visited. Maybe a conversation you had that still sticks with you.

Carmen has touched us all in so many ways. This is our chance to give something back.

Please send your stories by hitting the comment button or just email them to Rich at


Carmen checks out of hospice

Many thanks to the PCC folks who came to visit Carmen this weekend at the hospice. It meant a lot to her to say goodbye to her colleagues.

Carmen was not comfortable with the hospice, so she checked out on Saturday, February 28 and is now staying at her sister's place in Aloha. This will make it much easier for her family to give her the 24 hour care she needs.