Monday, October 20, 2008


Here is the second video Rich showed at the party on Saturday night. He wrecked my eye makeup!

He introduced the video this way:

This video starts with the story of our trip to Horsetail Falls. Carmen's Buddhist teacher met with her and told her to take yellow flowers to a spiritual place. Yellow has a healing power, he said.

On the path, we came across this caterpiller. Carmen stopped, placed a flower by the little critter and waited for him to pass. Then she stood by the falls and cast the flowers in, one by one.

As she did this, people on the path just stopped and watched. Soon there were like 30 of them and no one kept going. It was really a moving experience.

And on the way back home, I remember Carmen saying something about Free Tibet. I was kind of half-listening, doing my geeky iPhone thing and then this news story came up about how the Tibetans put up a protest banner on Mount Everest where the Chinese couldn't get at it.

This seemed so odd to me at the time--that these two moments came together like that. Both are stories of great suffering and great hope. What I wanted to show in the video was that they are really one story.

We are one world.

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